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Responsive Web Design

Have you used your watch, mobile phone or tablet to access a website, only to find yourself confronted with a web page where the text is too small so you have to zoom in, the links are tiny and prone to errors when clicking, and you have to scroll sideways as well as up and down to eventually see all the content? This situation happens when the website has not been optimized to be viewed on a mobile device. This can be a very frustrating experience for users of your web site on mobile devices and they may abandon your site in favour of a competitor with a site that can be viewed easily on a mobile device.

Responsive web sites are built to work perfectly on a wide range of devices giving a rounded user experience without zooming and scrolling! The text and graphics are resized and reformatted automatically to give the optimum display. Links and buttons are resized to allow easy clicking. The orientation of the device is checked and the site further formatted to make use of a narrow or wider view and the great thing is the site does all this ‘on the fly’.

The Search Engine Situation

Search engines are making it easier for potential clients and customers to find your responsive site. One at least is doing this by adding a “mobile–friendly” label to their mobile search results. This change is rolling out globally now as the search engine tests the individual pages of your site and grades them for ranking. Ranking dictates how high in the the organic results your site will appear. Your web page is eligible for the “mobile–friendly” label if it meets the following criteria:

Starting April 21 2015, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
Google Webmaster Central Blog

Check if your site is “mobile–friendly” now!

Your Solution

Here at Americurium we are passionate about responsive sites. Our experts will hand craft your new responsive site to work perfectly across a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.
Jeffrey Veen – Author of the art and science of web design


About Americurium

Americurium was created in 2004 by software experts used to working on major international projects. With over 30 years experience to date we are used to nurturing client projects from the genesis of an idea through to a fully fledged prestige online presence.

We have been involved as the internet grew from basic sites on low resolution monitors to the technical sophistication the user demands now on a large variety of devices using high resolution graphics.



Americurium has worked with many different types of small, medium and large sized businesses since 2002 to produce websites ranging from just a few pages through to fully detailed and developed business online presence.

Whether you require a stunning new responsive website, a redesign of your current site to take advantage of the growing base of mobile device users or a detailed make over for other purposes, Americurium can help you to achieve online success.

Below are a few examples of successful sites we have carefully built for our wide client base.

Sue Stone Foundation

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Kay Underdown

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Alexandra Oakes

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Bobby The Bat

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Lis Horwich

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Christchurch Aviation Society

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Sue Stone

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Kim Krause

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Sefik Empowerment Coaching

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Terri Stromeyer

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I am not tech-savvy and was dreading the process of working with a web designer but from the very beginning it was an educating and delightful journey and money well spent.

Steve understood exactly what I needed even when I myself wasn’t sure. He answered my many questions with patience, humour, clarity and professionalism. He did what he said he was going to do within the deadlines and exceeded my expectations in every way. I love my new website!

I highly recommend Steve and Americurium. Thank you so much for a great job!

Joan Pattison, joanpattison.com

Steve is a committed and reliable professional, very approachable and enables technical jargon to be understood with ease. From the outset, Steve took the time to understand what I really wanted. It soon became apparent to me that Steve provides more than website development. What he provides is a complete website design and consultation service ensuring that the website works in a way that meets my needs and is responsive to the different ways in which people access the internet.

The interactive nature of the process, with a timescale to suit my needs, helped me during the early stages of shaping my future business. It helped me gain greater clarity and really think through what messages the website would give. I wanted to make sure that the site reflected the nature of my business and being able to work with Steve has ensured that this is the case. I am thrilled with the end result which far exceeds anything I had expected and, although it is only days after the site has gone live, I have received excellent feedback.

Kay Underdown, kayunderdown.com


We chose graphics carefully to fit in with with the purpose, organization, and style of your site pages. They will enhance the design, structure, or informative content of the web page without distracting attention.

Graphics will help to guide the viewers’ focus to the important content on the page. Using visually strong graphic elements on a page can be useful in directing viewers’ attention and providing structure for the page. This must be balanced as strong graphic elements can have the effect of pulling attention away from central content or compete with one another on the page; this results in the page appearing overly busy or cluttered and makes it difficult to read.

We optimize graphics to suit the screen size of the target device to ensure your site has the fastest page download and hence best user experience.

Images for your site are sourced from high quality libraries. We can also work with your own supplied images.


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Latest Technologies

Working with the latest technologies enables us to produce websites with a high level of user perceived quality. The high level of subtle innovation will only enhance the your site, never cloud or overwhelm your website’s marketing message. Every line of the top level coding which drives your site is hand written by in-house experts, without the aid of any automatic code writing and layout assistance software. This ensures we can produce website content and functionality exactly to your requirements. As we know every last inch of your site it can be easily adapted and refined as required.



We provide hosting for Americurium built web sites. Americurium believes that your website deserves features like reliable managed backups, robust hardware and a solid uptime guarantee – which is why they come standard with all of our hosting. Engineers monitor the status of all services 24/7 without exception.

With performance being a key focus in the hosting architecture, we ensure that traffic spikes will always be good for your business, without being a problem for your websites. Every piece of data – whether it is a static file, a database or an email message – is stored on incredibly fast and reliable Solid State Drives (SSD) providing incredible levels of performance for your website.

In a world today where web applications are particularly prone to attack, your website needs the best protection. The hosting platform we use has a strong security methodology surrounding it, ensuring your website stays safe.

Americurium uses a highly redundant data centre which can have an impact on the environment. To counter this a leading provider of cleaner energy and carbon offsetting solutions, purchases carbon credits to offset the emissions of the hosting operation. Investment is made in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power as well as biomass facilities. Funding will also provide support for reforestation projects.

The Next Step

We offer a free evaluation of your existing site for upgrading to a responsive web site. All our quotations for new and site upgrades are free and without obligation.


Call Americurium for your free of obligation chat on 01202 699 437



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